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First Time Appointments!

Click here regarding Medical Conditions or if you are uncertain of other massage procedures, i.e., appropriate disrobing or what to expect.

You will not want to eat a meal right before you come, but do drink plenty of water.

Please arrive clean and fragrance free (i.e. perfumes, oils, smoke, body/breath odor) that is for me..... For you, I would recommend no make up or contacts.

I usually use a pure non-fragranced/ non-staining coconut oil on the body (or non-fragranced cream for certain work) and mildly fragranced lotions for the neck, face, and feet.  

I will send you driving directions .  I'm very close to Merrimans

Parking.... when you come up the driveway, follow the pavement and circle around to the front of the lanai... heading back out the drive.  If a car is there, park behind it and I will be with you shortly. You can choose to wait in your car or on the 'waiting room' lanai-- but please, no cell phones on the lanai.  ARRIVING no earlier than 5min before your time will help to keep you from having a wait.

When you are done, it may be useful to know that I will deliver you out to the world 'grocery store' presentable.  If your hair needs to be 'out to dinner' presentable, I'll need to know!  Either way, you will leave feeling pleasantly moisturized rather than 'oily'.  

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